Service brakes

For wheel loaders, industrial trucks, agricultural machinery and municipal vehicles.Absolutely reliable in any driving situation.

Pre-assembled and preset ready for installation. Delivered directly to the assembly line.

Stopfix service brakes are characterized above all by a compact design. They are delivered ready for installation directly to our customers “to the assembly line”. Europe-wide.

The maintenance-free mechatronics are based on the use of only high-quality components. From the sensor to the spring. Short response times, a precise power transmission and the high durability inspire every user.

All brake actuators can be designed for operation with mineral oil as well as with common brake fluids. Stopfix single- and dual-circuit systems are manufactured including pressure and/or position sensors.

Of course, pedal interlocks for dual-circuit systems are also available on request.

  • Purely mechanical pedals
  • Pedals with master cylinder
  • Pedal units with external force brake valve
  • Two-circuit systems for agricultural machinery
  • Pedal interlocks for agricultural machinery
  • Optional pressure sensors, limit switches, rotary encoders and compensating reservoirs
  • Assembled and adjusted ready for installation

Agricultural machinery

  • Service brake also for steering assistance
  • Optionally with hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic booster or valve technology for external power
  • Pressure switch, brake light switch or rotary encoder (Inchen) mounted and adjusted depending on application

Wheel loader

  • Service brake with integrated hydraulic cylinder


  • Service brake with integrated hydraulic cylinder
    Tank and pressure switch mounted

More types

  • Brake or gas pedal pedals
    pre-assembled ready for installation with bearing bushings and pedal rubbers
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