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Service Brakes

For wheel loaders, fork lifts, agricultural machines and municipal vehicles. Absolutely reliable in every driving situation.

Pre-assembled ready for installation and preset. Delivered directly to the assembly line.

Stopfix service brakes are characterized by their compact design. They are delivered to our customers “ready to install” directly into the assembly line. Europe-wide.

The maintenance-free mechatronics are based on the use of exclusively high-quality components. From the sensor to the spring. Short response times, precise power transmission and a long service life inspire every user.

All brake actuations can be designed both for operation with mineral oil and for conventional brake fluids. Stopfix single and dual circuit systems are manufactured including pressure and / or position sensors.

Of course also with pedal locks for two-circuit systems on request.

Service Brakes

  • Purely mechanical systems
  • Pedal boxes with master cylinder
  • Pedal boxes with power valve
  • Dual-circuit systems for agricultural machines
  • Optional with pressure sensors, brake light switches, rotation angle sensors, and reservoirs 
  • Ready to install assembled and adjusted 

Agricultural Machines

  • Service brake also for steering assistance
  • Optionally with hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic booster or valve technology for external power
  • Pressure switch, brake light switch or angle sensor (Inchen) mounted and adjusted according to application

Wheel Loaders

  • Service brake with integrated hydraulic cylinder

Fork Lift

  • Service brake with integrated hydraulic cylinder
  • Tank and pressure switch mounted

Other types

  • Brake or accelerator pedals
  • Pre-assembled ready for installation with bearing bushes and pedal rubbers