We are there for you:


Simple or highly complex - in any case everything from a single source.

We develop and manufacture – especially for your needs – from prototype to series production

A special feature of Stopfix is the ingenious development process. It forms the basis for every new product. 

Our development engineers have many years of experience. In addition to the CAD-based design, we use FEM-calculations to simulate complex interrelationships and to fully understand stress and load profiles to be expected – before a first prototype is built. 

By means of detailed FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) for the design as well as for the processes, we do recognize potential risks in an early stage of development. This allows us to define appropriate countermeasures to minimize these risks. 

Finally, the implementation into mass production – after extensive endurance testing and hard overload tests – is our daily bread.

Do you want to concentrate on the core topics of vehicle construction and reduce your vertical range of manufacture?

Whether it is a simple assembly or a complete, highly complex brake actuation system. We develop individually. On request, we deliver pre-set and directly ready for installation.

We take on the following tasks:

  • product development including testing
  • the development and implementation of the required testing technology
  • the preparation of assembly and test instructions
  • the procurement of materials (either from our established supplier network or with our suppliers specified by our customers)
  • … and everything that is necessary to ensure a permanently high delivery performance.

The elements of Stopfix developments

  • Stopfix development process (SEP)
  • CAD based design
  • FEM analysis
  • Design and process FMEAs 
  • Endurance testing
  • Overload testing
  • Salt spray testing