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Parking Brakes

For wheel loaders, forklifts, agricultural machines, SUV, and communal vehicles. For highest expectations in regard to functionality, quality and durability.

The Stopfix parking brakes are manufactured as classic hand lever or foot pedal actuations. They are maintenance-free, robust and durable.

For wheel loaders and industrial trucks, our parking brakes can be equipped with IP67 microswitches. On request, they can be protected against environmental influences by rubber or artificial leather bellows and are KTL-coated as robust corrosion protection with an attractive appearance.

With ratios up to 1:12, they are particularly suitable for off-road vehicles with particularly high demands on quality, haptics and acoustics. These models can be equipped with leather handles and bellows in a wide range of decorative seam colours.

On request, Stopfix brake actuations with cranked lever and double cable outlet for two cables are equipped with one or two switches – e.g. for agricultural machines with fixed or variable transmission up to 1:13, manually or foot operated as conventional parking brake or as valve actuation also for military vehicles with particularly high demands on function and durability.
Due to the higher vehicle weights, particularly high ratios of up to 1:17 may be required here. This is usually achieved by variable actuation of one or two wire rope hoists. They are painted in green, black or white, depending on the type.

Foot Parking Brakes

Stopfix parking brakes: maximum effect with minimum effort!

  • 1 or 2 cable connections 
  • Cable travel up to 50mm
  • Controlled ratio up to 13/1
  • 1-pedal concept or 2-pedal concept (for closing / opening the brake)
  • “push-push” pedal als valve actuator  

2-Pedal Parking Brake

1-Pedal Parking Brake

Valve Actuator


Hand Parking Brakes

Stopfix parking brakes: Robust and reliable!

  • Cable travel up to 50mm
  • Ratio according to requirements
  • Electric micro switches (IP67) integrable
  • Covers made from PVC, artificial leather or genuine leather
  • Installation horizontal or vertical
  • Multi-stroke-levers 


  • Differing cable connections possible
  • Controlled ratio 
  • Redundant switches
  • Angle sensor or pneumatic valve to control the trailer brake  

Handbrake for SUV with cranked lever, available with handle and bellow made from genuine leather and ornamental seam in various colors.

Handbrake for wheel loaders, with rubber bellow and two optional cable connections.

Handbrake for small wheel loaders, optional with switch.

Handbrake for forklifts, with protective cover (PVC), for vertical installation, highly integrated into the cabine.